Colossus Property Management

Who we are?

Welcome to Colossus Property Management Limited (RC:1950757) where we build safe, modern and highest-quality homes for better living.

At Colossus, we believe that the home really is where the heart is, and so we aim to provide luxurious and inspiring homes that cater to all tastes and provide an enriching environment to help foster wonderful long-lasting memories.

We understand that your home is your castle, for that reason our homes are designed with our client’s happiness at the forefront. On our pride and integrity, we aim to Meet, Match and Exceed all of our client’s dream home expectations.

At Colossus, we pursue Perfection and guarantee Excellence.

There is no task too big for Colossus Property Management

Our Vision

Our Pledge

Our Value


What some of our Clients have to say about us.

Thank you, Colossus Property Management, for assisting my wife and me with buying land and investing into property in Nigeria. Looking forward to the finished building we have faith in your company to accomplish our dream building.

N. Hurst

Thank you, Colossus Property Managment , for assisting in purchasing my first land, to be honest I was sceptical with trusting a Naija company but your department have gone above and beyond and made me believe there are people back home that can be trusted... Looking forward to having your company see my built through to finished building...

Zoe Zoah

Colossus Property Management is a trusted and reliable property management company. I enjoyed doing business with them.